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UTILITY Management

In any property, major investments are made in developing utility supply lines like water mains, sewage system, telephone lines, power lines, gas mains, HVAC etc. These are the “Lifelines” of any building structure. The information on each of these networks should be available instantly with immediate access.
This information is recorded on legacy systems or in CAD plans.As a result, retrieval of information is a challenge. There is also no software interface available which makes it vulnerable to various risks, people dependant and lacks any storage of additional information.
Raj Technologies has developed and delivered an innovative tool designed to map utility networks at large infrastructures. This solutions has unique GIS interface having compatibility to integrate with different solutions like SCADA. The integration allows software to provide real time data capture analysis capabilities which intern allows effective decisions making.
The solution is linked with assessment of properties present status, on ground data capturing and developing the GIS data set, deployment of the system and integration phase. The end-to-end solution handled by the single team allows maintaining integrity of data and seamless flow at each phase of project.
Following are key features of system 

Retrieval of information

In the event of refurbishment or maintenance of premises, excavation damage can be largely avoided when reliable information regarding location and description of utility is available. Repair and replacement of pipes can be carried out in the optimal manner when based on an efficient information system.

Data Management

The solution allows keeping maps and the technical data attached in layered format. Any floor with any network can be accessed just with few mouse clicks. There is no need to open another drawing or go out of application and maintain the files and folders separately. This in turn helps to retrace any information needed very fast.

MIS data

Spatial query builder allows user to get the detailed network information in the specific geographical area. (e.g.: There is renovation planned in the left wing third floor. Spatial Query Builder allows user to get the information in statistical format with length, count, material specifications etc about all the installation of the entire network in the left wing third floor.) Reporting the area where amendments in network are needed or calculating total length of cable required along with its technical specification for the rooms repair work can be produced in statistical as diagrams within few seconds.

Decisionmaking rather than information gathering


The solution acts as a personal assistance to the decision makers. It avoids visit on site to understand the actual installation and the integrities involved. Maps attached with videos,photographs and technical data at a mouse click enriches user with on site information available off the hand.


Application Fields

Water piping Network
Sewerage Network
Electrical Distribution
HVAC Network
Gas / Steam Piping Network
Compressed Air Distribution
Telephone / Lan / Music System Network which are above and beneath the ground


Key Application Areas

Hotel & Resorts
Residential buildings
Commercial spaces
Retail Malls
Manufacturing Units


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