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Location Based Services

GIS is all about the geography and the information about that geographical location. With the present era of seamless information flow, locational detailing is the most important factor in day to day life. It might be to find the nearest Pizza hut or ATM location and its information together is of utmost need.

Raj Technologies has a team of professionals who understand the need of individual to the corporates to use this locational information in most sophisticated manner. May it be developing a web based software tool or a smartphone application we have delivered high-end enterprise solutions on the GIS platform for the various industrial segments. 

Entire location based services integrates chain of activities. Capturing data from ground, developing informative maps and publishing them using the reach interface.  Our solutions till date are catering to the municipalities, bankers, property managers, retailers etc.


Our skills are in developing these web based software on the GIS platform using open source technology along with the most preferred industrial tools. The team has experience of working on the large projects as well as developing small web plugins as per the customer needs.

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