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REAL - “REAL Estate Analysis and Lookup”

“REAL Estate Analysis and Lookup” lets you connect to property related data from anywhere and anytime. REAL is a map based platform which allows user to search properties of their interest with in-depth and wide search criterion. A rich but easy to navigate user interface enables user to browse maps, land parcels, plotting data, survey information and much more with just a few clicks. These maps connect you to real life satellite imagery overlay to understand the location in an accurate way.


This application is a complete package of real estate essentials, various applicable zoning types and real time situation of locations. It provides combinations of parameters to understand the property in intricate details. REAL integrates data of various categories and allows it to sync within each other seamlessly. REAL is one of its kinds of applications standing on its own strength of huge database, is easy to navigate and quick to access. Read More


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