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Geographical Information System (GIS) (also recommended by FAA) is vastly used for the analysis of all types of geographical data and is integralpart of all solutions designed and developed by Raj Technologies. GIS seamlessly imports survey data by the various equipment and delivers the required cartographic output. Core strength of GIS lies in displaying maps coupled with the 3D analytical detailing. All the services rendered right from survey to charting, we maintain the data integrity by creating the metadata and data in the GIS format. Data handling with this becomes secured and data remains in central repository. Using GIS and Remote Sensing technology obstacle analysis becomes accurate and with better efficiency.

GIS Services:

• Development of tools/services for the design and production of electronic aeronautical charts

• Development of tools used in the permission processes, control and storing of obstacles in national databases

• Development of tools used during the verification and validation processes of aeronautical, terrain, obstacle and aerodrome mapping data

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