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Any Heliport or Aerodrome needs to address regulatory compliances designed by Civil Aviation Authorities. Apart from Civil Aviation department there are other ministries clearance is required as well such as Ministry of defense, Ministry of environment, Local municipal council etc. All these compliances are based on the ICAO framework, annexure and ICAO CARs. Mandatory compliance of the above regulations needs a specialized knowledge in order to make the process smooth and accurate.

Raj Technologies provides following consulting services:

• Green field heliport design

• Green field aerodrome design

• Heliport site approval

• Helipad design

• Heliport Planning

• Heliport Licensing



Be it Heliport design, Heliport Planning, and/or Heliport Licensing, Raj Technologies provides an end to end walk through in the whole process.

Raj Technologies is the only singular agency that provides a single point for all kind of surveys and licensing for Aerodromes and Heliports.

Following are the key areas of specialization regarding heliports:

• OLS Survey

• Site selection

• Heliport site approval procedures

• Development of SOPs

• Development of SMS

• Green field heliport feasibilities

• Heliport licensing

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