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Aeronautical Survey


Aircrafts landing and takeoff decisions are made based on the obstacles, terrain and other navigation aids. Terrain and obstacles needs proper assessment from flying safety aspect. It needs careful observations around the aerodrome upto 30NM. It is a highly specialized domain where data is captured by on ground survey with very high precision, accuracy, and integrity. The processes designed to capture the data should be full proof where no data manipulation possibility and the data should stored with minimum human interface.

Raj Technologies is one of the leading consultants and service provides in the domain of Aeronautical survey.


• Differential GPS

• Total Station

• Laser based survey equipment

• Tablets with GIS based cloud software application

• Specialized team

Survey Services portfolio:

• Aeronautical survey for aerodromes

• Obstacle acquisition and maintenance

• Validation of data acquired by an airborne sensor system

• Surveying of benchmarks for airborne mapping techniques

• Ground verification

• Feasibility study and survey for runway extensions

• Survey for green field airports / heliports

• Feasibility survey for upgrading aerodromes / heliports operations (VFR to IFR operations)

• NAV-Aids Experience: Mumbai International Airport, Bhopal, Indore, Aurangabad, Dibrugarh

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